Cloud customer management
As a unified cloud service platform for public utility enterprise customer management based on SaaS mode, cloud customer management fully meets the needs of customer relationship management and core business, realizes the unified management of customers, the unified management of IOT meter, card meter and common meter, and the unified management of meter reading, billing, charging and accounting.
Advantages and values

Micro-service architecture, loose coupling and modular design
Integration of the latest cloud computing technology
360-degree display of customer information in an all-round way
Life cycle management of integrated meter
Address classification and coding standardization
Multi -parameter configuration adapting to complex business
Format customization of invoice and receipt
Flexible price definition and population strategy
Customization of various surcharges and business fees
Unified deposit and automatic write- off mechanism
Full range of payment channels, WeChat and Alipay
Seamless connection of cloud field service, cloud self-service and cloud call
Flexible liquidated damages algorithm and reduction function
IC card balance function to solve the problem of change

Main functions

Payment of common meter, IC card meter and IOT meter in one10.png

Unified price coding and price adjustment management
Multi- mode meter reading and remote data acquisition
Ladder and population model billing, mixed price billing and standard price billing
Diversified business fee setting and charging functions
Full range of customer data management, business change and audit functions
Rich statistical functions of customer, meter and accounting

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