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  • Explore Goldcard
    Touch screen and LED large screen displays the Group's history, honor, r&d strengthsocial, responsibility, future enjoyment and so on.
  • Smart utility holistic solution
    It shows that in the DT era, Goldcard combined with the pioneering technology of cloud moving intelligence and so on to create the overall solution of intelligent public utilities with "Cloud-Pipeline-Terminal" as the framework
  • IoT Smart Devices
    The exhibition focuses on the company's gas terminal products, so that visitors can know the end of Goldcard's most advanced gas products, quality control and service quality
  • System solution
    We show the production, operation and revenue situation of the gas company from multiple perspective by simulating the gas company's monitoring and dispatching and decision-making center. The demonstration from exhibition center takes both high technology and entertainment into account by applying the large-scale interactive projection technology and multimedia screen. VR virtual reality experience project provide interactions to simulate use of gas for average household hence demonstrate how to switch gas meter valve and recharge. We show the distribution of smart gas and LNG supply chain by setting up a large interactive projection sand table and the multi-media film projection technology.
  • Interaction Center
    To display a modern gas service platform, and by using the multi-media interactive touch system technology to classify the designing of the end-to-end business procedures, visitors can experience convenient, efficient and intelligent services.
  • Smart Kitchen
    The scenario-based design of smart kitchen allows visitors to experience Goldcard Group's smart home life which focusing on demonstrations of gas leakage, alarm, gas main valve closure, window opening operation automaticlly , data transmission to client service center for repairing fully demonstrate the safety of home life.
  • Vision of Future
    Imagine the future city with smart gas. It will be everywhere and make people's life more intelligent and convenient. By watching the advertising video, you can have further understanding in the future development of smart gas applications of Goldcard Group.
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