TYL Gas Rotary Flowmeter
Positive displacement gas meter, accurate, reliable, high rangeability.

TYL-type Gas Rotary Flowmeter

TYL-type gas rotary flowmeter is a positive displacement gas metering instrument with high accuracy, high reliability and wide rangeability. It has been widely used mainly in the areas of industrial gas and city gas measurement and detection. 

Main Functions

Configured with volume corrector to achieve the following fuctions:

● Configured with FCM-type volume corrector, to have the correction of temperature, pressure and compressibility factor and convert volume at measurement condition into volume at reference condition;

● Configured with TFC-type volume corrector, it could additionally transfer the data on site to the data center via GPRS/CDMA;

●Configured with FCC-type flow compensation controller, it can achieve prepayment function.

Key Technologies

Aluminum hard anodizing process, surface oxidation and hardness treatment , high-accurate machining of rotary rotor surface, rotary axial fine-tuning balancing, timing gear automatic centering adjustment , universal index, digitalized pressure and temperature transducers with self-calibration, wireless data transmission , full electrical isolation power supply and high-frequency rotating detection


●Production License ( Including Type Approval ,ATEX and IECEx)

●EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)  (Module B +D, CE-203)

●Pressure Equipment Directive(PED) 2014/68/EU 

●International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) :R137-1:2012 



Patent No.(ZL201530277947.2): Gas Rotary Flowmeter(TYL)

Patent No.(ZL201220001768.7): Universal Index

Patent No.(10-1472244): Universal Index (Korea)

Patent No.(2629067): Universal Index (Europe)


Product Parameters


Dimensional Drawing



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