Goldcard First Quarter Report 2019
2019-04-29 10:32:03

Currently, NB-IoT Internet of things communication technology has entered its comprehensive deepen application stage, which brought up application cases with millions of connections in multiple vertical industries. Goldcard Smart Group Co., Ltd as a smart utility solutions provider, who is in the leading position in China and also advanced internationally, with its forward-looking strategic thinking, took the lead to achieve the NB - IoT technology application in the field of public utilities, and further brought big data, cloud computing and other information technology into the utilities operation management, promoted the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Solid Growth 

             Q1 2019               Q1 2018      Year-on-Year growth

Business Revenue 

(10k RMB)

             44,616.35               37,768.73                 18.13%
Net profit contributable to shareholders             10,773.44               8,791.88                 22.54%
Basic Earnings per share              0.25               0.21                 19.05%

             Q1 2019               Q1 2018      Year-on-Year growth
Total Assets              473,474.32               456,396.48                 3.74%
Net assets contributable   to shareholders             358,956.56               348,493.34                 3.00%

Invest the future, grow together

In the first quarter of 2019, the R&D input reached RMB 3,35733 million (RMB 2,334.00 million in the same period of 2018), an increase of 43.84% year-on-year, 19 patents were granted, 24 software Copyrights were obtained, and 36 major R&D projects were carried out.

In the digital era, Goldcard not only provides high value, high performance products and leading solutions for public utility companies, but also continuously explores new technical forces to innovate business models and provide customers with personalized experience.

Deepen application 

In early 2019, together with Nanjing Towngas, we launched the first shot that NB-IoT smart gas meter enter the market 

Helped Guangzhou become the first city in the gas industry to deploy over 200,000 NB-IoT smart gas meters 

Participated in the deployment of 4 million + NB-IoT smart gas meters in Tianjin in the coming years

Delivered over 250,000 NB-IoT smart gas meters, assist in the blue-sky protection battle

Standard establishment 

The standard《Narrow band Internet of Things technology (NB-IoT) based smart gas meter reading system》was published


Contribute in the standard establishment, leading the development of smart gas industry

 Informatization construction under DT era  

Build smart gas brain 

● Further digging big data and AI

● Rebuild gas company operation architecture 

● Break data island 

Extend to water industry 

● Extend SaaS cloud service into the water industry 

● Increase the application of IoT on the pipeline 

● Push the construction of big data model 

Classical case 

Goldcard subsidiary ENESYS software launched the construction of a new customer service platform for Hangzhou gas, to create a typical benchmark for the industry


Build more accurate measurement 

● Electronic measurement took its first step

● Electronic measurement is a new technology that leading the next step industry reforming of gas, water, etc..

● Goldcard electronic measurement products have been certified by the market after years pilot run.

Thermal gas meter, ultrasonic gas meter etc. have attracted a lot of attentions from the gas companies. 


 Calibration equipment is playing an important role 

● There will be transforming on the three meter calibrations

● delivery calibration , 3rd party calibration , intermediate calibration 

● The requirements on calibration technology is getting higher due to multiple scenes applications

● Ensure safe gas and gas meter using

Social responsibility, let love grow 

Middle of February, Goldcard charity foundation practiced "One Belt and One Road" and donated medical equipment to Arusha, Tanzania

2 閲戝崱鏅鸿兘鍏泭鍩洪噾浼氬湪闈炴床鎹愯禒.jpg

On March 9th, Goldcard charity foundation went to Yuhang district, Hangzhou disabled persons' federation, to share care and spend happy time with deaf children

 3 鑱嬪搼鍎跨.jpg

On March 12th, Tancy instrument, a subsidiary of Goldcard smart, participated in the public benefit activity themed "gathering the force of youth and creating the forest city"

4 妞嶆爲娲诲姩.jpg

 On March 26th, Goldcard charity foundation set up the "Goldcard Smart Education Fund" in southeast university.

5 涓滃崡澶у鎹愯禒.JPG


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