Goldcard participated in Enlit Europe 2022, showing confidence in providing smart utility solutions
2022-12-15 10:41:29

From 29th Nov to 1st Dec, Enlit Europe (Germany) exhibition hosted by Clarion Energy in Frankfurt, Germany. Goldcard Smart Group participated in the exhibition with its utility digital solutions that appealed international markets attention.


Goldcard Smart Group devoted to becoming a leading utility digitalization solution provider. The business covers smart gas, smart water, energy metering, etc. In the exhibition Goldcards star exhibitions attracted lots of visitors.


As a present high-level representative product in the industry, Infinity series benefits utilities by its modular design, Plug&Play and various replaceable communications, meanwhile creates a smart and safe home for residents by acting with gas alarm. In ultrasonic technology application, Goldcards domestic ultrasonic gas meter jumped up to a new favorite of the industry, taking advantages of wide range, high sensitivity and strong protection.


Besides, the superstar of this exhibition - TUS Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter manufactured by Goldcard subsidiary companyTancy, equips multi-channel and built-in high-precision temperature sensor, is completely in compliance with the EU standard and has made outstanding contributions to the development of high-precision ultrasonic technology.


Goldcard water products outstood at the exhibition: the smart mechanical water meter with advantages of triple protection, wireless remote transmission, separated mechanical and electronical components obtained the approval from customers; the domestic ultrasonic water meter with low pressure loss and ultralow flow metering assists the industry to usher in the era of finest metering.


Escalating digitalization stimulates the global market’s aspire for intelligent meters to become increasingly strong. Based on years of engagement in accurate metering and IoT, the capability of providing smart IoT-based digital solutions and amounts of applications experience in China, Goldcard can provide the international utilities with digital total solutions to build smart cities and vigorously promote the prosperous development of global Green Energy.

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