Goldcard Headquarter's New Building Topped off
2021-09-17 09:42:04

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Goldcard Science Park, the headquarters new building in Hangzhou had officially topped off on 17th Aug, it took 617 days from the start to the capping, and now the construction stepped into a new stage! The new building is right across the street of the current Goldcard industrial park, and is expected to come into use in 2022, to accommodate all the functional departments, R&D centers and laboratories, and some production lines to be extended for new businesses. Most of the workshops, warehouses will stay in the existing site. Senior vice presidents, directors of construction departments of Goldcard participated in the ceremony of roofing and witnessed the construction completion of the main structure.


Goldcard New Building Topped off Ceremony


No.158 Jinqiao Street, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone , Zhejiang Province,China
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